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Many a new rider received their first experience in an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Class. Chances are they did it on a Nighthawk 250. This little bird is easy to handle, light weight, yet it is physically sized so you don't feel like you're on a toy. Although it suffers on the highway, it is great for zipping around the city and short commutes. Honda also sells an optional windshield, a backrest, and a center stand. The Nighthawk 250 boasts nearly 70 MPG for fuel economy, and believe it not, some people actually take trips on these motorcycles. Maintenance couldn't be easier and the Nighthawk 250 is just plain fun to ride. The final production year for the Nighthawk 250 was 2008.



From the Honda Website featuring the 2008 Nighthawk 250:


Versatile. Multi-faceted. Ultra-capable. The Nighthawk has garnered praise from experts and owners alike for decades, and perhaps no better word than “all-rounder” sums up this machine's appeal and longevity. Lightweight. Dependable. Performance-packed. And as easy on your wallet as it is to use. Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned vet, the Nighthawk offers every rider the perfect combination of performance, Honda reliability, and possibly best of all, value.


My own Honda Nighthawk 250


Nighthawk 250 Specs

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